We help you mitigate ACA compliance risk

At Nimble Reporting, we have always made it a priority to protect your personal information.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that your rights are fully respected, we have developed confidentiality policies and procedures aimed at protecting your personal information. Our commitment to privacy is an integral part of our Code of Professional Conduct, to which all Nimble Reporting employees must strictly adhere. For more information please see our privacy and terms of service.

HIPAA compliance
In accordance with HIPAA compliance, customers may establish a business associate agreement with Nimble Reporting.

24/7 monitoring systems
Our detection systems and advanced techniques run day and night, so that action can be taken quickly if a suspicious or unusual situation is detected.

Security and fraud prevention
A security and fraud prevention to protect your electronic transactions and establish anti-fraud systems and techniques.

A 128-bit transaction encryption system provides suitable protection when sending confidential data over the Internet.

Data Transport
We use secure encrypted FTP servers to transmit customer and employee PII (personally identifiable information). Customer and employee data is encrypted end to end at all times.